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A Definition Of Office Stationery

Office activities such as purchasing, selling, payroll, etc. Can be recorded in physical and/or electronic form. Even though there are electronic coupons, invoices, and other documents, the paper is still widely used in offices, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Sheets of paper are also used to record internal communications in office spaces, as well as to communicate conditions to outsiders or to order materials. Hence, most office supplies are used with paper. To get more details about the stationery set box, you may visit

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The list of stationery includes pens, graphite pencils, markers, erasers, pencils, sketch pens, pencil sharpeners, knives, paper knives, and adhesive tapes, self-adhesive tapes, scissors, paper clips, or staples.

Also, pens for paper cards, files, folders, trays for storing incoming and outgoing documents, staplers, printer ink, printer ribbons, toner, glue, adhesive notes, noteholders, etc.

An important characteristic of office supplies is that they are consumed in a short time and cannot be reused. Hence, the chalk or marker used in the conference room to explain and discuss certain strategies will also become writing tools, even if they are not used on paper.

However, the whiteboard on which to write something with a pen can be used for several years.