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Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air ducts are hollow tubes rectangular, round or square; they're generally manufactured from sheet metal. They are responsible for hauling a heated or cool atmosphere around a construction.

Cleaning air ducts ought to be part of your house maintenance system. It's very important that you maintain them frequently maintained, routine maintenance aids in the efficient performance of your ducts. Dirt may cause them to crack down entirely and replacing the machine will be costly.

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Cleaning Air Duct Process

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Duct cleaning is vital to keeping healthy air in a building. In the event the air ducts aren't cleaned on a regular basis these contaminants have been blown out to the atmosphere for other people to breathe.


Before cleaning the ducts protect each heating vent using a plastic tote. The bag acts as a safety mechanism out of any dust generated through the process of cleaning; it also gives the means to choose whether the duct cleaning system has appropriate suction.

Ahead of the ductwork starts, a tech will drill a large hole in the back of their furnace. The pit is covered with a huge vacuum tube and secured into position. A high heeled vacuum cleaner links to the tube and also can be utilized to eliminate the debris and grime from the ductwork.


There are numerous things that may make their way to an air duct, so this induces congestion that impacts the productivity of these systems' heating and cooling. A scoping camera can be utilized to get some blockages so that it may be taken off.


After cleansing, the ducts, and some blockages are eliminated the vacuum is emptied from the back trunk, and the plastic totes are removed from the vents. The duct cleaning procedure is done with any holes which were created being closely plugged to keep them sterile.