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All About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

People in commercial kitchens usually work long hours as most of these kitchens are used in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. Smoke, fumes, heat, and other elements can accumulate over time during long working hours. 

This accumulation is why most commercial kitchens establish and use exhaust hoods. You can also look for the best commercial kitchen exhaust hood via

Principles of commercial kitchen hood 

An exhaust hood, also known as a kitchen hood, is a machine with a mechanical fan located above the cooktop or stove in a commercial kitchen. When properly installed, it can exclude airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and vapors from the air through evacuation and air filtration.

As already mentioned, commercial kitchens are used all the time. In our homes, we only need a few hours or even minutes to prepare our meals. Commercial kitchens share a different story. People use this area to prepare, cook, and serve many meals over very long periods of time, usually from the start of business operations to the end of the day.

Due to the long operating time, commercial exhaust hoods are equipped with fire extinguishers to ensure the proper release of steam. The fire extinguishers can also put the fire out more quickly.

Commercial exhaust hoods are also equipped with a fresh fan so that outside air can enter. This element allows the circulation of the air with the cooking fumes and then pulls them out by the hood.