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Back Pain Can Be Cured Using Alexander Technique

Alexander Engineering has been used as part of education and educational modeling. People learn this method to examine their bodies and get good performance by it. Artists, politicians, and teachers have used it to do their profession in a better way. You can select the best treatment of the alexander technique at

Important researchers such as Nikko Tinbergen were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1973 recommended it for autism and stressful diseases. One of the main stress is back pain. The newly randomized English-controlled study has proven that Alexander's technique is more effective than the massage method.

The research leader was Professor Dr. Paul is a bit of treatment, health, and life science from Southampton University. He and his colleagues examined 579 patients with chronic back pain or with recidivism for this consultation disease in the UK. The patients have a value of four or more on what is called the Roland-Morris scale. Roland-Morris Disability Questionaire (RDQ) is used because the form of this test is considered useful. The patients were divided into four groups. The first control group was treated with general medical standard methods. The second group received six classical lessons with therapeutic massage. The third group received six hours in teaching Alexander techniques. The last group has received 24-hour training in Alexander techniques.

After that, all groups are divided into two parts. Four groups are taught in sports by a doctor and suggested by nurses in the rules of back pain behavior. The remaining four groups did not get advice. Back pain is proven by RQD after three and twelve months. Patients from the first group complained about back pain at 21 out of 28 days, after the study was completed twelve months earlier.