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Covid 19 Antibody Test

The name Covid 19 is no less than a terror nowadays. Having one person infected in the family may turn the entire family infected. Unfortunately, greater percentages of common people are still not aware of the symptoms of this disease and this is the main reason why the number of infected people is aggressively increasing day by day.

All these can easily be considered as one of the major reasons why tests are necessary. Doctors and medical experts are suggesting everybody go for a Covid 19 test nowadays. You can contact for a Covid 19 test.

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However, there are two different kinds of tests for Covid 19, the diagnostic test and the antibody test. The diagnostic tests are mainly run to determine the presence of this deadly virus in the body of any individual. On the other hand, the antibody test helps to determine the presence of COVID antibodies in a person's body.

One thing must be kept in mind that any positive result of antibody tests means that the person was having COVID 19 at any point of time in the past.

As per information collected, currently, there are two different kinds of antibodies that can be detected through the tests named IgM and IgG. Knowingly, the IgM antibodies are produced very quickly. On the other hand, IgG takes a long span of time to show up. Currently, A large number of certified doctors and medical experts are suggesting common people go for a Covid-19 antibody test.