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Dental Crowns Give Strength To Teeth

A dental crown is basically a "cap" that fits over your teeth. The purpose of these crowns is to restore the size and shape of the teeth, make them look better, or increase their strength.

Many people may need a crown. Crowns are often used to prevent breaking or holding weak teeth if they are not completely damaged. If the tooth is damaged or old, the crown can let it function again. You can surf the web for same-day dental caps services at Fairfax.

Sometimes people with severe tooth decay have large stains in their mouths. This can really weaken their teeth. This device can cover the teeth and keep them in a non-detachable and reusable state.

It can also be used to cover broken teeth, implants, and bridges. In addition, people with severe tooth changes can use dental crowns to cover stained teeth and restore their appearance.

You can get crowns made of different materials. Sometimes dentists use metal for molars that are not visible. This allows the dentist to leave a large portion of the tooth and also reduces tooth wear around the crown.

If you think you have a tooth that requires a crown, plan a visit to the dentist. Your dentist will explain the process and preparations you must go through before receiving the crown.