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Get The Best Fitted Dress Shirt For Men

Sometimes, most of our favorite dress shirts just do not seem to be in shape as they once were before. For a number of males, one of the places where they initially look at the problem is in the fitting of the collar of a dress shirt. 

Among many solutions the least expensive and fastest way to make the collar of your dress shirt flexible is to go with fit custom dress shirts and buy a collar expander and you would not need a tailor for this. You should hover over to buy top-rated collar shirts for yourself.

extreme spread collar dress shirts


These useful, detachable trimmings can provide you with an additional half inch of much needed space; nonetheless it would be advisable that you wear a tie on these custom dress shirts. 

It would not give the collar an open, untidy look. Be certain to buy a matching quantity of extensions in case of a collar with two or three buttons.

Another effortless solution for those who are able to stitch, and require very little extent for the extra tie, is that the collar button should be moved towards the left beside the trunk (the circular part) of the collar. This is also another alternative which would give you an almost quarter inch of extent around the neck before the collar starts to look messy.

There is no reason to stroll around with a tight collar, which would cut the blood flow to your head. From simple additions for a more complex surgical dress shirt, there are many ways you can get a little more life out of your shirts and offer yourself a little more flexibility (literally) with your clothing.