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Hair Removal: Different Methods To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Hair removal method is for the body with hair. Most women prefer to remove excess body hair using various hair removal methods. While waxing, shaving and tweezing are favourites choices but rather then these there are many other methods to get rid of unwanted hair. In the category of Laser hair removal by strip the Soprano Ice (LASER) Hair Removal in Hong Kong is the most popular one.

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1. Shave to remove hair

2. Hair removal cream

3. Hair removal wax

4. Electrolysis to remove hair

5. Laser hair removal

6. Tweezers to remove hair

7. Thread hair removal

8. Hair removal to remove hair

9. Bleach hair

10. Frequently asked questions about hair removal

Electrolysis In Hong Kong

This hair removal method uses a needle to deliver a short electric current to the hair follicle. They say it will appear in permanent hair extraction in just a few sessions. 

Pros: The main benefit of electrolysis is that it provides long-lasting results. However, this procedure should only be performed by a professional. There's no way to do it yourself. 

Cons: During electrolysis, hair is removed one by one that's why it pretends to be a slower hair extraction method than laser hair removal. There is a stinging sensation for each follicle, which in turn can be painful depending on your threshold.

Where Works Best: Because the process is long, it works best on smaller areas like the face, neck and armpits.

Usage: This operation cannot be performed at home as it requires special skills and equipment. You will need several sessions to get the best results in each area.

How long will it take: Electrolysis gives great results and is in most cases constant after a number of sessions. Otherwise, hair growth is minimal and looks brighter.