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How and When to Use Scrubs?

The facial scrub is excellent for giving you that healthy pink-cheeked light that we see in Hollywood who have a professional makeup artist to give them artificially. For those of us willing to spend the time or are not skilled with a makeup brush but may find one or two minutes to wash our faces, facial scrub is the perfect answer.

Scrubs exfoliate facial skin – they scrub off dead or dry layers of the skin surface and expose the softer, pinker, healthier skin. You can purchase instant refreshing exfoliating face scrub via online sources.

A facial scrub can be all-natural (even homemade) or chemical-based. chemical facial scrub by using different strengths of things like salicylic or citric acid to remove dead skin cells from your face. 

However, be careful if you decide to use facial scrub chemicals because some people are allergic to salicylic acid or the concentration may be too strong for your skin, a bad reaction can feel like burning – not a good feeling in your face.  

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Natural facial scrub physically scrubs off dead cells. They can be made with sugar, sand, salt, lemon, lavender, the most popular are made from finely ground apricot pits. The gentle facial scrub can make only warm water and baking soda as strange as it sounds. 

You pour yourself some baking soda and add a teaspoon of water, mixing the two in your hand until it resembles sugar inconsistency, then simply rub the face with the mixture and feel the difference. 

If you have sensitive skin or never use a facial scrub before, this is your best option because it is unlikely to produce adverse reactions in most types of skin.