How to Achieve SAT Success

The SAT is a Logic Test

Let's speak about what we mean when we state that the SAT is a logic evaluation. As soon as we say that the SAT is just a logic test we mean that it assesses a student's critical thinking skills, it tests their capacity to conclude and deduce the suitable answer given the information presented, it tests their ability to conceptualize, analyze and synthesize the advice given.

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There are many effects to the SAT being a logic evaluation, and also the fact that this evaluation is a justification test really explains a lot of the puzzle. It answers the question of:

Why is the exam frustrating to many students?

Why can't students cram for the SAT?

Why do so many students who do well and even score at the top of the classes not work well on the SAT?

The answer to each of these questions will be that the SAT is just a logic evaluation. Students who have verbal or mathematics skills but haven't had the chance to grow their critical thinking competencies may do very well in the SAT Test.

It is also the main reason that it usually takes a while to grow a student's score on the exam, fortuitously students can't cram for a critical thinking evaluation as though they may for a chemistry evaluation because it isn't only a question of learning formulas or concepts. 

Critical thinking skills are a mix, intertwined group of skills and abilities plus it takes a lot of practice, training, and efforts to develop. 

It is vital for students to take a great deal of practice SAT exams, this will help them practice the skills essential to ace the assessment or they will become knowledgeable about the exam and will enhance their abilities.