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How to Deal With Fear of Flying

As the frequency of air travel increases, more and more people suffer from the stress of flying. This stress can cause anxiety if it can't be controlled effectively, leading to flight phobia. The fear of flying can also be referred to as aerophobia. You can reduce your phobia of flying via .

Anxiety usually occurs when a person is on an airplane, helicopter, or other flying vehicle before, during, and or after a flight. However, there is often a fear of flying before you even get on a certain plane.

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There are a number of phobias and fears that can lead to the phobia of flying. These can include fear of panic attacks and feelings of shame, also known as social phobia; Fear of childbirth, also known as claustrophobia; Fear of heights, also known as acrophobia; Fear of death or injury; Fear of a lack of control; Fear of turbulence; and fear of terrorism.

Apart from the many phobias and fears that can underlie the fear of flying, there are several external factors that can also contribute to the phobia of flying. The media have a profound influence on attitudes towards aviation, are selective about the information reported, and only focus on the specific events that interest most.

 Another aspect that can cause fear of flying is a lack of understanding and information about air travel.

Whatever the reason, fear of flying is a problem that troubles many people in their family, social and professional life. Families need to arrange their holidays to accommodate the person concerned.

Even job options can be severely restricted if certain options are to be rejected due to restrictions on long-distance travel. Alternatives to air travel can be too expensive or time consuming.