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Know More About Sarongs

Sarongs are pieces of fabric that are wrapped around your body and are worn either as an over-the-shoulder skirt or as a complete full cover for the body. They can be worn by both males and women, based on tradition, and are seen throughout south-east Asia, India, and the Pacific islands.

They have gained popularity throughout the world and can be found in an astonishing assortment of styles, colors, and materials. You can also explore the wide variety of sarongs from

In a lot of places, Sarongs are only worn by women. However, in the West, the adaptation of the sarong as a popular garment has tended to follow this trend. This is likely because of the connection between Sarongs with dresses and skirts which are generally considered to be feminine attire.

There's a huge variety of styles of sarongs all over the world. Some are embellished with fringes along the edges, whereas others are straight-edged. Some are decorated with intricate hand-batiked designs on them. Some are large enough to wrap repeatedly, while others barely wrap around the entire body. No matter what one's preference for aesthetics or texture It is almost certain there's a specific style of sarong to suit one's desires.

If you're staying in an area with shared showers there is no need to go into the bathroom completely clothed and tucked into your sarong. You not only use it as a towel but a robe as well.