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Mens Clothing Tips – Proper Care For Neck Ties

Men sometimes have their lucky or favorite neckties. If you want to be able to wear your clothes for important events, make sure that they look good with proper care and new from the past several years. 

Here are tips to keep your prized tie collection in good shape.

Proper storage:- There are special hangers for neckties or you can simply use an old fashioned hanger. Always make sure that you do not leave the knot overnight as this will leave a permanent wrinkle on the fabric. For  more information about men clothing visit

Mens Clothing

Traveling with Neckties:- Fold the necktie four and slide it inside the pocket of your suit jacket while packing. Another option is to roll your tie and put it in the box we provide; You can put those boxes in any corner of your luggage. You can hang your tie on the toilet wall before taking a bath because steam will help a lot in relaxing your tie clothes.

Removing Spots:- Removing a spot on a silk necktie can be quite challenging. If you find one, you will need to dip a clean cloth napkin or a little seltzer into the club soda, then throw it away. If it is smooth, you can immediately sprinkle some talcum powder on the spot and absorb the fabric to see what it can do. After a few hours, brush the residue with a clean soft cloth.