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Oriental and Persian Rugs – How Are They Manufactured

Nomads use primitive tools that they can carry with them wherever they travel. These tools are only made of two sticks held horizontally in the ground with stakes, in which string mounted as a base for the manufacture of both Oriental and Persian Rugs.  

The facility uses a machine that facilitates the end result is more perfect than the Persian carpet. You can browse this link for getting more knowledge about oriental rugs.

Although Oriental and Persian Rugs making techniques vary from region to region, the basic principles Persian carpet manufacturing remained unchanged.  

Stacks are tied around the foundation or the warp or weft threads. They are made of materials that are more friable than wool, silk, or a mixture of silk and wool. In this case, the silk used to improve detail. Wool is the most common material used, because it is cheap and soft hand, because it is easy to work with. Some Persian and Oriental carpets are made entirely of silk.  

The value of the Persian Carpet Area is based not only on the material it is made of but also on the number of knots by inches. A carpet can have as little as 25 to more than 1,000 knots per square inch. The more knots per square inch which is more complicated and full of rich detail designs can be made.