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Pricing Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning has been marketed anywhere from $100 to over $1,000, which will not make it effortless for homeowners to compare solutions, let alone pick a supplier. Though many customers assume that the service which charges the most supplies the very best service, this kind of cleaning has shown that high price doesn't always signify high quality.

What exactly does the advertised cost include?

Even though a furnace and duct cleaning will promote a comparatively low cost, that does not necessarily indicate they're providing all cleaning solutions. Therefore, homeowners must examine the services involved with all the advertised cost.

Pricing Air Duct Cleaning Services

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Does the service provider just vacuum out the yields or will they sanitize and deodorize them too? If not all providers are included, homeowners need to ask how much additional these services are going to be on top of their advertised price.

Video camera setup

Some suppliers will provide the capacity to put a camera into a home's air duct system. Though many service providers believe this is a valuable improvement, some homeowners believe it's a waste of cash.

Can the furnace be washed?

A good deal of lower-priced solutions is since the furnace isn't contained in the sold or advertised cost.

Is your company certified?

A good deal of lower-end pricing stems from businesses that are just starting or who aren't certified. Be sure that the service provider chosen has been operating for many years and has built a steady reputation among customers.