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Quality Research Chemicals Come From Quality Sources

Online sellers have seen a surge in popularity due to the media coverage of research chemicals earlier in the year. 

Due to the increased number of sellers and the changes in legislation that have hampered the industry, many fake and questionable products are being sold. You can easily buy pure 3MMC crystals for research purposes via Flow dust lab (which is also known as “Koop Pure 3MMC Kristallen voor onderzoeksdoeleinden via Flowstoflabin the Dutch language).

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There are many unscrupulous sellers that research chemical enthusiasts should be wary of.

  • Scam websites that ask for a payment, but do not deliver the products.

  • Sites that sell chemicals that are not genuine research chemicals can have disastrous consequences.

  • Websites that sell genuine chemicals only when they have stock, but intentionally mislabeled other chemicals and made them appear genuine research chemicals.

There are several precautions that the researcher chemical enthusiast looking to purchase research chemicals should follow when navigating the maze of sellers.

Note the recommendations of friends. However, be careful with recommendations made on forums unless they are backed up by other forum members.

Is the website professional and clean? Although it may seem obvious, a professional and reputable seller should have a website that reflects these traits. 

Avoid sellers who offer products that no other seller can offer at the moment. Is the seller able to provide a complete set of terms and conditions on their website? Is the seller using a trusted third-party payment processor that uses SSL encryption to protect your card details? 

In the address bar, make sure that your payment information is submitted using a trusted third-party processor who uses SSL encryption.