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Stone Countertops in Austin: Options to Bring Your Kitchen to Life

One of the most important things to consider when building or remodeling your kitchen is your countertop. You want something that's durable and easy to care for. While laminate and tile options are popular, there are several types of masonry that can give you the look you want and are also easier to maintain than you might think.


Natural quartz with mixed epoxy resin makes up this material. This blend provides surface toughness and durability. Unlike other options, quartz is great for spilling because it doesn't absorb liquid. The top can be easily cleaned with a sponge and warm water. You don't have to worry about contaminants getting to the surface.

You can hire natural stone countertops installers In Austin & Central Texas.


Quartz is available in various colors. You will have no problem finding something to match your new look.


You can't mention stone slabs without talking about granite. This material is one of the most durable on the planet. It's perfect for resisting bruises, cracks, and extreme heat. The disadvantage is that the substance is solid. So you need to be careful when placing a glass or ceramic plate on it.

As with quartz, you can find granite countertops in different colors to match your kitchen. Unlike quartz, this material is naturally porous. To keep contaminants from getting in, you need to seal them regularly


Soapstone is a very popular option because it is naturally soft. The material is made of finely grained talc. These surfaces have grown in popularity mainly because it is such a soft surface.

While some may see this as a downside, others see it as an easy way to maintain it. Yes, it does stain and absorbs liquids. However, because of its nature, you can simply sand off any surface stains and make it look new again.

You do have to work at maintaining these countertops a little more than other stone options. Care requires that you regularly rub mineral oil on it, polishing it until it shines.