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Pregnancy – The Accuracy Of Getting A Blood Test To Find Out The Gender

Do you want a boy or a girl? Impatient parents can't wait to find out the gender of their baby. However, the answer was only after a blood test. There are now several companies claiming to offer this new service.

Blood tests are an alternative to medical procedures that determine the gender of the baby, such as ultrasound. You can also check for the best DNA gender test service via the web.

Blood Test for Gender

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The benefit of using a blood test to determine the gender of a baby is that it is less invasive. It has been shown that ultrasound carries some risks. Women can be motivated to use blood tests. They wonder if their baby is a girl or a boy. You just need to know to be mentally ready and ready for the baby's wardrobe.

To use this procedure, a pregnant woman simply pricks her finger and collects three drops of blood on a special test paper, and sends the sample to the company in the envelope provided.

However, it is important to understand that a blood test will not tell you a "male" or "female" result but only "male DNA detected or not".

After the introduction of such blood tests, there were ethical concerns about couples only taking tests to find out the gender of the fetus early and eventually terminating the pregnancy based on this information.

Therefore, it is not recommended to have a blood test to determine the gender of your unborn child. It's better to wait a full 9 months and be surprised by the gender of your baby.