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Integrity – The Pillar Of ADR

As you are looking to hire an arbitrator or mediator to assist you in resolving a dispute, you have the power to choose someone based on important prerequisites. One fact that should be a definite prerequisite is integrity. 

This article will discuss some of the reasons that only someone with integrity can be a good ADR professional. Some traits which are deal-breakers are chauvinism, racism… basically, and type of prejudice. You can get more information about alternative dispute resolution services via

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An ADR provider with too many preconceived notions about ethnic groups or gender categories will automatically assume that accusations which jive with their prejudice are true, and accusations that don't jive with their prejudice they will assume to be false. That's not a good way to go into a hearing.

Additionally, there is the issue of payment. Some arbitrators and mediators get paid by the hour and some get paid for completing the job. As such, you will need to pay yours according to the hours that he or she claims that he or she worked. 

if the arbitrator or mediator is not an honest person, they could claim that they worked a lot more hours than they really did. Oftentimes companies that need ADR services more than once will regularly hire the same person for consecutive jobs. 

The ADR professional can let that influence his or her understanding of the case. They should feel that they should "help out" their regular customer out of gratitude for their business.