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Important Facts about Plumbing

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Water is an essential source for all living things. From humans to animals to even the likes of microorganisms, water is what keeps us alive. Today we require water for crop cultivation, for having a bath, for cooking and all this is possible due to the presence of a plumbing system. In fact, one of the most interesting facts about the plumbing system is that it was the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Indians, and Chinese who invented this system. To understand more about the plumbing system, it is important to turn back time.

  1. The Greeks were the first when it comes to understanding and then introducing the concept of hot and cold running water. In fact, the Greeks were also the first to introduce shower technology for athletes competing during the Olympic games.
  2. For water to travel from mountain to city, it was possible with the help of a water channel introduced first by the Romans in a safe manner.
  3. Earlier, straw and baked clay were used in the manufacturing of plumbing pipes to be used commercially. Even before these days, the Egyptians were the first to use copper pipes for the production of plumbing pipes.
  4. During her birthday, John Harrington gave Queen Elizabeth I a flushable toilet as a gift. However, there was a lot of rumor stating that the queen was scared of using since it would create a loud water-gushing sound.
  5. The modern toilet which we use today was first patented in the year 1775 by a popular individual named Alexander Cumming.

Today, problems related to bathrooms in Coffs Harbour area are being dealt with by professional plumbers.