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Why to Study Sanskrit?

Learning languages is always interesting. This is the only reason you can study or learn Sanskrit. At present there is sufficient evidence that Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world. To learn about Sanskrit, you may opt for the best sanskrit university in USA.

 Among modern languages with ancient gray items such as Latin or Greek, Sanskrit is the only language that maintains the purity. It retains its structure and vocabulary even today, as in the past.

The oldest literature in the world, the Vedas, Puranas and Itihashas, which are related to the Indian subcontinent, are still available in the same form as they had known from the beginning. There are many, many scientists in India who can interpret it now, almost as Indian scientists did many years ago.

Such interpretations do not occur only by studying known interpretations, but by the constant process of assimilation of knowledge that connects various disciplines through Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is a very spoken language today. Even now, at the beginning of the 21st century, Sanskrit is spoken by more and more people, fortunately many of them are young.

Scientists in India continue to be a bridge between various countries, where people exchange scientific and even general information about the country's traditions despite their own mother tongue. News offered by the Indian government on television and radio also includes daily Sanskrit programs that provide local and international news.

Sanskrit grammar attracts scientists from all over the world. This is very accurate and up to date and is well defined to this day.