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5 Tips For Successful Product Photography

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves taking pictures of products for commercial use. The product may be an item or food or prepared dish. Generally, though, a product in product photography is small enough to sit atop a table.

I received many questions about how to capture and make perfect and clean images. You can consider the amazon product photography for capture HD pictures of your products to enhance sales. Below are some guidelines about how a photographer can achieve the results of excellent product photography.

1. Plan your shooting. Have a strategy about how and where you will set up your lights, backgrounds, and props. Think about additional supplies that you might need, such as clips/glue to secure objects and reflectors, etc. 

2. Remember to clean your product and background with cleaners and/or special brushes. I use the same type of cleaning as for sensor cleaning, electrostatically charged to remove dust. Having dust on close-ups is not acceptable, and will cause you great difficulties when doing post-production.

3. If your shooting involves moving objects, such as liquid, do lighting settings for the rest of the scenery first, make sure you have a perfect permanent object image. Only after that you can start pouring your liquid, add/adjust the lights/reflector to make it work for the whole scene.

4. Having a computer with a big screen connected to the camera when photographing is very helpful. You will be able to see your full-size image after each photoshoot, pay attention to the important details and disturbances that must be repaired. 

5. Post-production. Remember: 50% of your image success is your equipment, knowledge, and experience as a photographer. The other 50% are post-production. So it is necessary to know how to use Photoshop (I don't know other photo editing software that can qualify) and raw processors.