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Waist Trainer Corset: How To Buy The Right One

Corset type

There are two main types of corsets to choose from: under the bust and over the bust.

Under the breast: In the name of it is the clothes that reach under the breast. These are the most popular and when you wear them they give you more mobility and allow for more lung capacity. 

Experts have also shown that it fits easily under your clothes when worn. It is also much more affordable than its counterpart with breasts. You can also find different styles of body shaper waist trainers at

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Overbust: While not as popular as underbust, there are a few reasons why you should think about it. Provides better posture support, reduces and prevents shoulder pain, relieves upper back pain, and easily supports large breasts.

Instructions for buying the right corset

To buy a waist training corset, you need to consider a number of factors:

Style: top and chest are two styles you can choose from. Under-the-chest toilets are the ones most recommended by professionals. They not only do not restrict breathing but are also very comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

If you have shoulder or back pain, clothing with an oversized chest is recommended.

Fabric: The fabric used to make the garment should be breathable and washable, and at the same time slightly stretchy. Most corsets consist of many layers of strong fabric that give you stability. There is also boning between the panels, usually made of steel or another equally flexible material.

Lining: Purchased clothing must have a lining. The coating protects you from skin problems. It forms a protective barrier between you and the corset and thus protects you from uncomfortable entrapment, friction and friction.