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Facts About Buddhism

Many people misunderstand Buddhism. Here are some facts that most people think are wrong. Siddhartha Gautama never traveled outside India, but his teachings did. Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual teacher in ancient India who founded Buddhism.

It is important to remember that he was a Vedic Brahman (Hindu by today's standards) so many of his ideas were originally part of ancient traditional religions from the local historical period. You can also buy buddha wall art through

It is believed to have originated around 563 BC. Until about 483 BC. Alive because he is said to have died at the age of 80. He traveled and taught throughout the Ganges Valley, starting near his home, near what is now Nepal.

Due to the mountains of Sasaya being the kingdom of his father (King Suddodana), he is sometimes called Buddha Shakyamuni or Prince Shakya ("Ashi Sign Ashi"). He was born a prince but chose to become a saint. He grew up wealthy and protected from the outside world, but became curious about what life outside the palace was like.

There are many legends surrounding his birth, but actually we only know that his mother had to die at birth or not long (a few days) afterward. His father was warned not long after he was born that he would become a great military leader or a great spiritual leader.

His father, the king, had his own ideas about what was appropriate for Siddhartha, but at the age of about 29 he fled the palace walls with the help of his chariot driver and dared to find out how other people could live.

Witnessing the effects of old age and disease, he saw a corpse that made him aware of death. Finally he saw a hermit. The charioteer Siddharha explained that an ascetic is one who leaves the world and calls for liberation from the fear of death and suffering.