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Benefits Of Cat House

Your cat will enjoy many hours in a cat house. Your cat is naturally a hunter and will enjoy having a safe place to hide. As he climbs in, he will feel invisible and wait patiently for his prey (your feet).

A cat house allows your cat to have hours of fun and practice his hunting skills. You can buy a beautiful cat house for your cat online via

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Your cat truly believes he is responsible for the security of your home. Although it may be difficult for you to believe that your cat could do anything (and he likely wouldn't), he still believes he has the power.

You can save your furniture by making a cat house out of carpet and padding. If you don't provide a place for your cat to work his nails and scratch at them, he will create it (your sofa).

This is normal cat grooming practice. The pressure of pulling nails feels good to the cat and he will continue to do so for as long as there are nails.

You may need multiple cat houses if you have more than one cat.

The cat house is to be used as a guarding place and may not be allowed to be entered by any other cats. The cats will have plenty of exercises trying to invade each other's houses and seize control of the power.

Cat personalities are very individual and every cat is different. Cats can behave a lot like humans. They are stubborn, lazy, and have a grudge.

Cats love to be loved, but they will only allow it when they are ready.