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Leaking Foundation And Wall Crack Solutions In Milwaukee

Suppose you have a crack in the basement wall. They make sure this isn't an issue with the base, but that water will still flow through it and into your dungeon. And you're not good at it.

Call professional cracks foundation to fix a wet basement and you'll get four different answers on how to fix the problem. Stop by a hardware store and they'll give you a few of their own.

In fact, almost every solution you hear about works—sometimes. However, what you really want is a cracked wall repair that always works, right?

To that end, Connecticut Basement Systems of Connecticut would like to share with you some of the most common professional and do-it-yourself repairs we come across for cracked foundations or cracks in basement walls.

Fix the crack in the wall

One of the most common DIY crack repairs is to seal the cracks in the wall with putty. However, this is only a superficial solution. The water still fills the gaps behind the stain, bringing with it a white mineral salt known as efflorescence. This water and efflorescence break the bond between the sealant and the concrete, causing the sealant to delaminate and leak again. 

Cement, epoxy and grout hydraulic seals

Instead of using a screed, some homeowners and basement waterproofing try to repair the crack by carving it into an inverted V-groove and filling it with mortar, epoxy, or hydraulic cement.

This seal forms a rigid and inflexible barrier, and concrete walls expand and shrink over time with humidity and temperature.