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Significant Functions Of ECG Machines

The ECG machine, also known as the Electrocardiogram, is one of the most important pieces of equipment used in hospitals to monitor heart activity. An illustration of the electrical activity in the heart is called the electrocardiogram. 

It is usually represented on a piece of paper. The electrocardiogram is often illustrated using waves. An electrocardiogram can be used to record the physiology and rhythm of the heart. Only experts in heart surgery can interpret these results. It is used to diagnose many heart diseases.

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Augustus Waller was the first to develop the machine in 1870. Willem Einthoven, a Dutch engineer, created the first ECG machine in 1903. It became very popular in later years. It is still one of the most important discoveries in human history. The machine evolved over the years with many modifications and new features.

Functions of ECG Machine

The ECG machine monitors the function of the heart. The machines have a variety of electrode leads that are attached to the chest and limbs of the user in order to conduct an electrocardiogram test. The electrodes measure the electrical activity of the heart and record it. Each heartbeat is represented by waves, which are printed on a piece of paper.

A medical science field is incomplete without an ECG machine. It helps diagnose various types of heart disease quickly and efficiently. Without these amazing devices, it is impossible to assess the electrical function of the heart.