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The Role Of Non-Disclosure Agreement

In addition, nondisclosure agreements have been enforced very frequently by and between employers and new employees in recent years. This practice is more pronounced in information technology companies. Such agreements form part of the main employment contract or are executed separately. Both ways are correct. You can visit this website to have a look at some of the non-disclosure agreement templates.

Typical confidentiality clauses are given below for reference for viewers:


The employee acknowledges that the employee knows valuable company secrets and trade secrets when appointing an employee. The agent promises to treat all this information confidentially and take all necessary precautions against disclosing this information to third parties during and after the term of this agreement. 

2. USE

Employees will only use confidential company information and trade secrets to the extent necessary to provide services or goods requested by the company.


Employees agree that all work and works created by employees or under the direction of employees in connection with Company orders belong to the Company completely and completely, in which all copyright and other proprietary rights must belong to the Company, and that other provisions of the Agreement this applies in full to all these developments and work.

It is important that a confidentiality agreement applies in many situations, such as the protection of an employer's intellectual property by an employee.

Confidentiality agreements have become very important in the face of the fast-growing outsourcing industry.