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Things That Clog Your Drain In lake Macquarie

A blocked drain isn't just an issue that can be annoying, it can make it difficult to complete your tasks. It could be a major plumbing issue with a health risk. If you are facing the same problem, you can hire a plumber for a blocked drain in Lake Macquarie.

What Are The Symptoms of a Blocked Drain?

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What is the cause of drain clogs? Are they preventable? 

1. Hair

Human hair and animal fur can grow to the point that it can cause a slow flow or total blockage of the pipe in the tub, shower, or laundry can cause slow flow, or even complete blockage in the bathtub, shower, laundry, Bathroom drains. Hair can get caught and mix with other substances, such as Grease or soap and get were stuck in the drain. 

The loss of hair is not preventable because it's natural. But you can control it with ways to guard your drain to the greatest extent you can. Hair can be cleaned by brushing it before taking a shower and setting up the shower drain hair catcher. In this way, you can cut down on the quantity of hair that is disposed into the waste.

2. Soap Scum

Scum from soap and detergents builds up during the time of the shower, laundry, and bathroom drain. This leads to the size of pipes decreasing and leads to Slow flow and backup.

3. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper? Yes, the frequent use of toilet paper in combination with sewage flowing through the drains, it can cause your toilet to overflow.