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Trigger Point Massage Therapy Tools

A massage can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Problem is, you will often find the area that needs the most massaging is where your hand cannot reach.

The worst culprits are usually found between your shoulder blades and lower down your back. You should not be able to reach the knots, such as the back of your neck, or if you are unable to apply enough pressure to get rid of them.

Self-masseuse accessories are a great tool to help you reach these trigger points. Trigger point therapy tools such as the Body Massager and Back Massager allow you to reach trigger points you cannot reach.

These tools allow you to massage yourself with incredible accuracy and results. These tools offer many benefits, including:

  • Shiatsu massage/pressure massage can be used to relieve muscle trigger points.
  • These trigger points make it possible to reach difficult to reach shoulder or back trigger points.
  • These can be used to treat Fibromyalgia trigger point points with shiatsu.
  • This allows you to treat knotted muscles in your neck or back by yourself
  • You can reduce muscle pain with direct pressure
  • They can even work in difficult-to-reach places.

There are two types of massage therapy tools: the collapsible, which can be taken with you on the go, and the one-piece cane that is more stable for at home or work. It is easy to use the canes. Simply locate the area you need treatment and then apply it. You'll always find the right ball, no matter what the pain.

A trigger point therapy tool and a book about shiatsu massage make the ideal Christmas gift. Make sure you test it out before wrapping it. Then, you can hope they buy one!