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Using Paper Bags For Keeping Our Environment Clean

People have now started to take a great interest in favor of nature and it is making others aware of global warming as well. They have started to clean up the environment. Plastics are products derived from petroleum; Although these can be recycled, they emit dioxins during the process. These dioxins destroy people and the environment. 

Plastic is not biodegradable and therefore plastic remains in landfill for centuries. Therefore using eco-friendly bags are the best and safest option for a sustainable environment. You can easily buy personalised eco bags through

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Although they are biodegradable, they do not pollute the environment like plastic bags do. Without the help of specialised machines, a person can mold, shape and form a paper bag using their hand. They become useful as they can be composted and turned into fertilizers or material bricks.

Newspaper Bag Awareness –

Awareness among people has led them to understand the dangers of polyethylene. There are still some people who think they are not lost and can make use of a polythene bag or two. They are not yet aware that even a polyethylene bag is also degradable for years and this can lead to the death of any street animal.

Paper bags are a good alternative to polythene bags in our society. They are biodegradable and have no drawbacks. Newspaper bags are made from old newspapers. 

They are biodegradable and if burned they do not pollute the atmosphere as much as polyethylene bags do. These bags, even if eaten by a street animal, will be digested by them and will not cause them any harm.