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What Are The Benefits Of Sea Moss?

Sea moss or Irish moss) is a kind of algae that has many perceived benefits – it may help to improve the immune system, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. It often adds to smoothies, salad, and healthy dishes. Let's get some more info.

What do you understand about sea moss?

Like any over-the-counter nutritional supplement, sea moss in any of its forms (powder or gel) is not governed by the FDA, and more studies have to be done in order to justify or refute its perceived powers. Many say there isn't any harm in attempting it in tiny doses.  Rather than adding it to what you eat or drink, start with mixing one serving (1 teaspoon) from the smoothie and see if you feel any different. You may check out various online sites to buy high quality sea moss at an affordable price. 

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Which are the advantages of integrating sea moss into the diet?

Research published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapy discovered that swallowing sea moss has a prebiotic effect on animals.

We know that sea moss contains citrulline-arginine, a metabolism that stimulates metabolism (that if you are trying to lose weight) and hydration generates healthy, shiny hair and smooth skin. Another study published by the journal Marine Medicine revealed that the anti-inflammatory powers of sea moss assist protect the mind from ailments like Parkinson's.

Two things to consider when considering sea moss: It isn't advisable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, because there's been no research on how it interacts with the fetus or the newborn's system. 

If you're taking drugs for your thyroid, you need to be careful with your nutrient consumption. Sea moss is full of iodine, which can be good for your thyroid gland, but if you are already taking a medicine that contains iodine, then you can have an excellent thing here and it can negatively affect the gland. If you do not require this kind of medication, iodine in sea moss may encourage your thyroid gland.