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Why Are Podcasts Famous Today?

With the advent of portable audio devices such as the iPod in the early 2000s, the idea of transferring these "audio blogs" to audio players such as MP3 files became popular. As the world gets busier, the popularity of this form of podcast is growing, many businesses are using it to attract new subscribers to the podcast audience.

Listeners can multitask while listening to audio. If you want to record podcasts, then there are many websites that offer podcast recording services to lighten your burden.

According to a recent study, podcasts have been listened to 49% at home, 22% while driving, 11% at work, and 8% while exercising. The length of a podcast often makes it possible to dive into a topic or a long conversation between two people.

One of the most interesting aspects of listening to downloaded podcast episodes is that the listener is in control of the playback. It's much easier to set your own pace and scroll back and forth while listening to interview podcasts.

While all this free information is a great asset for the end-user, it requires a lot of work for the author. Equipment costs, as well as production time, can be very high. Many podcasts have found sponsors and offer short commercial readings to help cover costs.