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Why Do We Need Camera Shoulder Straps?

If you don't want to put your camera back in its case after every use and prefer to be in a general state of readiness, then a camera strap is a good investment. While it enables a photographer to be hands-free, its real benefit is that it safeguards against dropping a camera accidentally. It's a bonus if a lens strap is comfortable, so generally soft and wide are better than hard and thin.

A shoulder strap is a camera strap that mounts to your camera at two attachment points. Typically they mount to the top left and top right sides of your camera. Every DSLR or mirrorless camera comes with a basic shoulder strap, so this kind of carry solution is the default option for most people because it’s familiar. If you want to buy a camera shoulder strap then you can navigate to

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When you carry a camera in this way it causes the lens to hang downward instead of pointing out away from the body as it does with the traditional strap mounting technique. This makes it easier to move amongst a crowd, makes it less likely for you to bang the lens on something while you walk, and greatly reduces the bobbing motion (and resulting fatigue) caused by a longer, heavier lens.

The camera moves along the strap when you pick it up to shoot. In turn, this means that the shoulder padding on the strap always stays on your shoulder in the most comfortable position, and the strap won’t get tangled up in clothing or hair when you pick the camera up. Only the camera moves! It simply glides up the strap, and then back down again when you put the camera back by your side.