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A CRM Solution For Small Businesses

Managing customers, running marketing campaigns, and track potential sales in a timely manner are important processes that can impact a small business.

One integrated solution to achieve all of this makes small business life easier and more productive. You can also the best CRM solutions in Singapore by clicking at: 

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Internet-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions and contact management solutions offer considerable advantages. They are usually cheaper for small businesses because there is no software to buy or maintain.

The design is intuitive and has features suitable for small businesses, not enterprise-level businesses. Mouse gesture technology gives you a quick overview of accounts and potential customers, as well as the ability to edit them.

If you can prioritize tasks based on customers or prospects, you can focus on activities that generate business. Their functions are easy to follow and form the basis for sales forecasts. Creating sales funnels with different stages is easy and useful.

The flexible reporting function makes it easy to manage marketing and sales functions and provides a quick overview of expected revenue.

It includes an outgoing webmail feature that allows you to send email using your domain name. Emails can be linked to customer and prospect accounts for easy retrieval and reference.

The Premium plan offers the ability to set up and use templates with multiple "insert" templates for outgoing email marketing campaigns and customer/lead tracking.