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All About Having A Wood Ceiling In Australia

A very common type of wood ceiling is the coffered ceiling – wood beams in a pattern with wood panels between them. That's a good look, and works great in a vaulted ceiling or a cathedral ceiling. Maybe you have popcorn with a flat blanket or plaster ceiling and it doesn't do it for you.

Wood paneling is a great way to cover it to avoid the extra work of removing it before installing a new layer on your ceiling. There are many companies available that provide custom timber fins ceilings in Australia.

If your room is rectangular, you can use a beaded or wooden plank by running the beads or grooves in the shorter direction. This creates the illusion that the room is more square than rectangular. Another option is to use parquet flooring in the same way.

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The wood frame look looks more rustic (or rustic) and is much cheaper and easier to achieve than covering the entire ceiling with wood panels or planks. This involves installing beams in a criss-cross pattern to create a "box" on the ceiling of the room.

Solid wood ceilings can be laid as panels or as boards. Each wooden ceiling can be painted in any color you want and give the room a personal touch.

Wood veneer usually has an MDF core with a thin (1/32" thick) board on the finish. It's cheaper than solid wood and can still look good.

You have the option to color or paint the wood panels. Solid wood and veneer look best stained or sealed. This creates a more natural look while the panels attract attention and are more visible.