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Are You Ready For Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey?

So you have made the decision to go to alcohol rehab, and you have realized that there are many other items to consider prior to your leave.

For instance, perhaps you are concerned as to what you will do with your children and/or pets. Maybe you are still looking into the cost of the particular rehab center or drug addict intervention you have chosen. In any instance, know that you have made the first step down the path to recovery from alcohol abuse. Everything else is just 'details'.

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Who should you inform that you are going to alcohol rehabilitation?

It is always wise, if they do not already know, to inform your family first and foremost. Not only will they act as a support group during the process of recovery, but they then will also know that you will be gone for an extended length of time.

Another important individual to inform maybe your landlord. In honestly letting him or she know what is going on in your life, he/she may be able to collect your mail for you and can expect payments coming from a different address. A landlord may also want to watch your home, knowing that no one will temporarily be living at the residence.

It is best to inform your supervisor or boss at work that you will be gone for an extended period of time. Some supervisors may work with you so that you can take a leave of absence and have your job when you return. Others may even allow you to use vacation time for a portion of the time that you are gone. This way you may receive paid time off for a week or two.