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Different Methods For Manufacturing Custom Case Foam

Many manufacturing methods can be used to make shipping cases, custom cases, and carrying cases. To protect valuable items, custom foam can be used with shipping cases. Knowing the differences between each method will help you choose which type of custom foam to use. You can buy the right poaching gun bag as per your requirement.

Here are some of the best ways to make custom foam.

Die-Cut Custom Foam

Large quantities of uniformly designed products can be made by die-cutting (usually more than 25). If your company requires large quantities of a specific case to package your product, die-cutting may be used by them.

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Hand-cutting/Band Saw

The Band Saw is an excellent single-piece cutting tool. This tool is great for prototyping quickly and with minimal detail. The pattern image is typically drawn on the underside of the mold and then cut with a bandsaw using a low dust foam blade.

A skilled technician cuts each cavity. The technician begins at the outer layer of the foam and then proceeds to the original entry point. Once the cutting has been completed, the entry points can be glued together.

Water Jet Design

Water jet cutting is a popular manufacturing method that makes use of a high-pressure waterjet to cut precise shapes and designs. It is possible to draw the design in CAD and then cut it. It is capable of cutting intricate shapes, small cavities, or large numbers. Contrary to previous statements, the band saw can be slow, tedious, and time-consuming.