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Growth Mindset Activities Help With Depression

Some experts believe that adopting a growth mindset will help lower your stress levels and improve both your psychological and physical well-being, and thus help with depression.

Although further research is needed to establish the absolute connection between having a growth mindset and health, current studies show that it helps with depression and stress management as well as improve coping skills. If you are looking for more information about growth mindset activities then you can search the web.

However, changing the fixed mindset into a mindset of growth requires a lot of determination and application. In this article I aim to provide some activities to help you manage your depression by developing a growth mindset.

Negative cons to Help With Depression

One of the exercises that will help you with depression is to write or type a negative thought comes into your mind on a piece of paper, a computer or a diary. Then to the negative thoughts, write or type at least 5 to 10 positive counter thoughts that will frustrate you already have. The more the better !!

With a fixed mindset, when things do not go as you expect them, you tend to put all the blame yourself. Let me give an example: let’s say you decide to learn new skills and find that you are not very good at the beginning, you will say to yourself “I should not smart enough to learn it.” In addition, with the fixed mindset does not allow room for error, everything is always black and white for you.