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History Of The Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Mesh safety cover

Since the introduction of the modern pool in the United States, owners use many different methods to prevent unwanted visitors from their pools. 

They would place large tarpaulins or canvas on the pools and weight of the perimeters with bricks.  You can buy retractable indoor & outdoor swimming pool enclosures in Australia from various online companies. 

In 1941, a company in Indiana began marketing and selling a simple vinyl-rolled polyester tarpaulin cover that came from one color; blue. 

The cover has been weighted around the perimeter with bags of sand or water. These covers worked well to keep the animals and debris out of the pool.

But would eventually fill with the snow and rain during the winter months, which leads to the edges to move below the weight of the perimeter and finishes By finding yourself in the pool. Something better was to be done.

As the story happens, in 1957, a swimming pool owner has found a dead skunk floating in the water accumulated on its solid vinyl pool cover. 

Realizing the need for a product that would allow accumulated rainwater and snow to melt through while still keeping children, animals, and debris, it started experimenting with a trampoline-style material from lightweight. 

This material would be stretched soft on the surface of the pool and maintained in place with anchors inserted in the surrounding pool. 

In 1960, he and a partner received a patent for the first mesh safety cover. It was the beginning of a new industry that is still strong today.