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How to Choose a Collared Shirt?

Choosing the right dress shirt collar involves common sense and experimentation. A small man with delicate or subtle features would be lost in neck-set points with more than 3 A¼ ". Conversely, a high BMI or large-boned man would be still greater, and the shade of a small hill. 

Throughout the eighties until the mid-nineties, best men’s contrast dress shirts, no matter how expensive-generally had collars that were too small for the average wearer's face. In an effort to convey that they were too small for the face of the average user. In an effort to send a formality more relaxed and less formal, men's fashion has explored many approaches to neutralize conventional collar starched and ordered format. 

mens contrast dress shirts

Therefore, collars have been lowered, shortened, and softened to such degrees that the original precepts for their correct dosage were either distorted or completely lost. Button-down with little or no bread, straight point collars are so short, even the smallest tie knot prevents their point of touching the breast of the shirt, while collars are harpooned so low on the neck, they undermine all their strength and flair. 

Like many contemporaries, smaller collar styles do accentuate the appearance of the user; they offer little compensation for their inherent discomfort. Accordingly, many alternatives have been proposed to replace classical composition dress shirt collars.

Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there's just a little bit of you that emerges at neck and cuff links. The rest of what the world sees is what you drape on your frame. Therefore, the most important factor to weigh when buying a shirt dress is not its color, shape or price. It is the necklace and tricks for the wearer's face.