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Oculus Quest 2 vs Quest 1 Is it Worth an Upgrade?

The original Oculus Quest 1 was one of the most hyped-up VR headsets to hit the market, and its successor, the Quest 2, is posturing itself up to have an even bigger impact. 

The new Quest 2 offers a range of updates on both the aesthetic and technical side of the spectrum, making it a real contender in the year ahead. You can find the best Oculus Quest 2 prescription glasses online.

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     Original Quest VS Quest 2

     When comparing the original Quest vs Quest 2, it’s hard to overlook some of the commonalities they share.                     First up, you can expect to have all the same basic features you’ve come to love with the original.

1.Self-contained VR headset

2.No need for a gaming PC or external tracking sensors

3.Utilizes 4 built-in cameras for spatial perception and movement

4.Ships with not one, but TWO oculus touch motion controllers

5.Offers (albeit limited) hand tracking

The ability to tether the headset with a gaming PC using the Oculus Link was a breakthrough for the Oculus Quest, putting it in the same category as those who purchased the more expensive and difficult to set up Rift.

In fact, the use of the Oculus Link cable to do so enables the user to unlock the full power of their gaming PC, putting the Quest 2 and Rift on the same level and funneling heart-pounding VR gaming and exhilarating worlds right to their headset.