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Senior Independent Living Is The Medium Of Happiness For Some People

Independent living facilities aren't only for senior citizens. One good example would be Jim Sanders, a quadriplegic who has spent the past 20 years in facilities. In reality, he was the first person who needed the assistance of an independent living residence when he was only 26 years old, following an accident in a shallow dive which broke his neck.

If a twenty-something who is at the peak of his career, could be content in a high-quality independent living space, it is a high chance that a senior would be able to find living in this type of environment equally enjoyable. If you also want a peaceful and independent life after retirement then you can visit

Independent living for Seniors

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It's no surprise that Sanders was not even close to becoming an older person at the time his family moved into the house and, even now, Sanders has nearly two decades before he is legally able to wear this age-related designation. 

As young as he was at the time the accident shattered his life, Sanders just couldn't make the most of his parents' care following the accident. This is when a group of kind people who were watching his remarkable progress came into the picture.

Compare that with the opposition that is often expressed whenever the subject of a nursing facility is mentioned and it is clear the reason why an independent senior arrangement is advantageous when it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones.

However, is the decision to let an elderly parent go to this kind of facility instead of a nursing home placing the safety of the person in question at risk? This depends on the senior is in question's present state of health and the level of assistance they need in their daily essential tasks.