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All You Need To Know About Air Tags

One of Apple's smart devices popular today is the AirTag. This small, puck-shaped tracker can be used to locate lost or stolen items using the Find My App. The AirTag costs $29 for one and $99 for four. 

You can also have it engraved with letters or images of your choice for free. Accessory items such as keychains, luggage tags and loops that hold the device are available separately. You can also buy airtags cases from online sites.

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AirTags are ultra-wideband technology that uses Apple's existing network to ping each other to locate your missing item.

Apple is the best at setting up, and AirTag is a great example of this. This is similar to how you set up AirPods. You will need to pull out the plastic tag that connects the battery, and then you can hold the AirTag near your iPhone or iPad. The window will open with an animation showing a spinning AirTag. Tap the Connect button in that window.

It is usually updated within minutes of being parked during workdays by an iPhone user who enters or leaves their rooms. It would likely be pinged more often if it was on a busy street or in an office garage.

AirTags offer a good value at $29 per one and $99 each for four. These AirTags are a bit more expensive than Tile's base Mate tracker which costs $25. However, the larger number of iPhone users is more likely to find a lost device using Apple's product than Tile users.