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Know About Bed Bug Facts

Despite their name, bed bugs can be found all over a home or other property. Other than their namesake, bed bugs can be found in suitcases, coats, couches or other furniture, shoes, boxes, cracks, and crevices. Here are important facts everyone should know about.

Cleanliness Is Not Required: While a dirty room will not make a bed bug more likely to show, a motel or hotel room has the greatest chance of bed bug activity. They often enter a property by hitching a ride on the purse, coat, or suitcase of someone entering it. With new people coming in and out every day, this greatly increases the chance of an infestation. You can check out DIY bed bug solution via various online resources.

Close up of bed bug feeding

They Can Be Eliminated: Companies often hear from customers who have tried everything to rid themselves of an infestation, to no avail. As these pests grow more and more resistant to pesticides, this is no surprise. Their environmentally friendly heat treatment is fast, effective, and economical. Unlike other treatments which require multiple visits and unreliable results, heat remediation kills every life cycle of the bugs at once.

They Are Seen: One of the more common misconceptions is that they can not be seen easily with the naked eye. While they can be small, about the size of an apple seed as adults, they do not need a magnifying glass to be seen. What may be true is that they are not easily seen because of their digging habits.