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Dog Kennels in Chapel Hill – Happy and Healthy Habitat

If you are thinking about getting a new puppy or dog then you will soon find out that you are in need of many pet supplies. The one necessity for your new puppy is a dog kennel. Dog kennels are available in various sizes, shapes and materials for different uses.

The Outdoor Dog Kennel

For many dog lovers it is difficult to picture this, but many people keep their dogs outside most of the time. For the people who keep their dogs outside, there are outdoor dog kennels that are normally made from weather resistant chain link fence material or some other strong metal mesh material.

Chapel Hill Kennel usually enclose a large area to give the dogs room to roam about. Typically these enclosures have very high fences or are enclosed over the top with more fencing material. Huskies are particularly known as escape artists and it is highly important to make sure their enclosure be secured all the way around. A dog kennel run is another option that usually is larger than just a kennel and allows for more exercise.

Training International Street Dog Foundation

Normally these dog kennels will be connected to a shed, barn or garage type enclosure so the dog has relief from the elements. If this is not available then a dog house must be provided so your pooch can escape the heat of the day or a freezing blizzard.

Usually an outdoor dog kennel will be large enough for multiple dogs, but if you build your own kennel then of course you will be able to build it to suit your own needs. These kennels and dog runs are necessary for the health and happiness of your new dog, not to mention its safety.