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Red and Blue LED Light Therapy Fights Acne Without Drugs

Acne can be seen everywhere, from one to many. Although it can make you feel like it does, it doesn't define your personality. It's enough to make it seem like you are running for cover. When you have blemishes on your face, which seem to happen at the worst times, they feel like beacons pointing the way out to the world, saying "Look over here".

Acne can cause self-esteem to drop, make you feel self-conscious, and prevent you from being your best self. Acne can cause self-confidence to drop and can make you feel empty. You don't have to suffer from this frustrating and stubborn skin condition. You can get your acne treated with red light therapy at

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There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to fight it without having to resort more severe drugs or procedures. Combining red and blue LED (light-emitting diode), therapy treats your skin with anti-bacterial wavelengths and healing wavelengths. This treatment is painless and does not require any drugs, chemicals or pain.

The skin is affected by the blue LED wavelengths of approximately 415 nanometers. They penetrate the skin and kill P. Acnes bacteria. This helps reduce existing blemishes as well as prevents new ones. The red LED wavelengths, which range from 625 to 660 nanometers, work slightly differently than the blue LEDs. 

Red wavelengths speed up healing, reduce inflammation, diminish scarring and darkening, and help to lessen redness. The appearance and health of your skin can be greatly improved by using both blue and red LEDs. LED light therapy is a safe and natural way to treat acne.