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Service Dog Training: Training Your Dog To Perform Human Tasks

Service dog training is for dogs that are taught to perform human tasks. They are groomed to work for disabled people.

Service dogs, like hearing dogs and seeing-eye dogs are all trained to assist people with specific disabilities. Hearing dogs serve as ears for the deaf and seeing-eye dogs provide sight to the blind as they walk, but the job of service assistance dogs is more difficult and multi-faceted because it does more than providing hearing or sight.

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Service assistance dogs are specially trained to perform tasks that will suit specific needs of the persons who need their help. Once trained, they will have the ability to act as seizure response or mobility assistance dogs. Depending on the quality of training that they receive, they can be highly dependable, because dogs are known for their dedication.

Service dog training can be done in two ways; the self-training and the program training.


The dog's owner is the person who conducts self-training. This method is harder, assuming that the owner is not a professional trainer. But it also has an advantage, as it strengthens the bonding between the dog and its owner.

Given proper training, lots of dogs can be good service dogs. This is the reason why many owners prefer their pet to be trained for this purpose, but still a lot would want to get dogs from established breeders who raise and train their dogs to become service providers.