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The Advantages of Self-Publishing

A few decades ago, publishing itself is considered "No. Never." The big fees for published themselves are high and vanity often takes advantage of the author. As long as the author makes producing quality books, the top priority, the publishing itself is not only a decent choice but may even be a better choice than traditional publishing. The following are some advantages why you can consider publishing yourself.

Production Control: Your own public book gives you full control over overproduction. Instead of selling your rights to publishers who will then edit your book as they see and decide themselves when to publish your books often two years on the road – and decide whether to continue to sell your book or release it, the publisher itself has full control of time and production. The Independent You is one of the best book publishing companies that provide self-publishing services.

On the contrary, the publisher often stops printing books that are not the best-selling book, and then the author must wait for years to contract their ends to buy back their own book rights. Having full control over the entire publishing process and your book age may be the biggest benefit of your own publishing.

Marketing: traditional publishers are less and expect writers to do more marketing for their books. Unless a book is considered a potentially best-selling book, and a little, a little money will be spent on marketing. An author who is willing to come out and promote himself can be successful in marketing books as publishers and may even get the attention of publishers on the road. 

Fortunately: every writer who thinks he will be rich in publishing a book is in the wrong business, but who says, the author of his own published, can successfully make income for habitation or at least a supplement that is quite an income by publishing their books and promoting them with the right.