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The Event Planner’s Guide For Managing Tent Rental Space

Tent rentals can go wrong when there are too many people. It is more than just the number of people attending that you need to consider when planning an event. This includes the size of the venue, number of tables and chairs, and length of the buffet table. It may take some math to find the perfect tent rental.

Standing or sitting. 

You can choose to have celebration canopy leasing in Wisconsin either at a sit-down meal or at a cocktail party. Sitting down dinners will require more space than standing cocktails events, which can be anywhere from 15 to 16 feet per person. Cocktails require half the space, as there are no chairs or large tables. This is a tidbit to remember.

Several guests. 

Sometimes, it is a good idea to mark your party by invitation only. You can get a better idea of the number of people who attend your event. One major advantage of tent rentals is that the workers can adjust the frame of the tent to accommodate different volumes of people. To create more party space, they can use larger fabrics for larger metal frames.

The stage must be set. 

If you have a band performing at your party, a stage should be available. It should include both the musicians and their instruments. The drummer, for example, needs 50-75 square feet of space. The pianist requires 50 square feet. And the guitarist and lead singer need only four square feet. If the band is composed of this many members, the stage must be larger than 130 feet in size.